Mark Erelli


Check out the new album MIXTAPE

New England-based multi-instrumentalist Mark Erelli wears many hats--singer, songwriter, sideman, producer--but approaches each of these varied roles with a belief in the transformative power of paying attention. Bearing witness to small details and fleeting moments is what dignifies our everyday stories, rendering the mundane profound. This principle governs Erelli’s approach to his craft, and is uniquely evident on his latest release, Mixtape, which features revelatory reinterpretations of songs by the Grateful Dead, Phil Collins, Neko Case, The Arcade Fire and others.

"Not many singers can do justice to Solomon Burke, Patty Griffin, and Roy Orbison on the same album. Although most listeners will be familiar with many of these ten songs, Erelli transforms them beautifully. So much so, that you may begin to prefer his versions over the originals." -Elmore Magazine

"A record with ambitions beyond gathering well-loved songs and artists...it ultimately aspires to do what all mixtapes intended back when we hovered over a radio to tell analog love stories." -Glide Magazine

updated: 2 weeks ago