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October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter


If you're reading this, then you support me and my music. That's great, because I've never been more in need of that support. I'm just over halfway through a new Kickstarter campaign to raise $37,000 to support the release and promotion of my new covers record, MIXTAPE. The way that Kickstarter works, however, is that if I don't make ALL of what I'm asking for, then I get NOTHING. So if you love what I do, now is a really great time to express that support by pledging to the Kickstarter before it ends on October 13th. To sweeten the deal, a generous fan has offered to match any pledges made this week up to $1000!

You might say to yourself "Good Lord, $37,000 is a lot of money." I know I did. While some parts of making a record have gotten cheaper, they're still not as cheap as what it costs fans to listen to new music today (e.g. FREE). Technology has disrupted many things, but the human component remains the most important (and expensive) part of making records. We don't love music because of how a cool plug-in tightens up the low end of a rhythm track. We love music because it's made by people that share your same hopes and dreams and fears, and they invest it all in a song.

But you can't just "release a record" anymore. Most of us walk around with access to about 40 million songs via the phones in our pockets. Of course, new music is released each week, so the odds that someone might stumble upon my humble offering keep growing longer. This is why, now more than ever, publicity and promotion are so important. It's also why they have grown so costly. I'm committed to working with the best people I can, and though there are other options 3-4 times as expensive, I've got a great team assembled to help MIXTAPE get a fair shake in the world.

Throwing myself upon the altar of your generosity (e.g. crowdfunding) has become my model of choice for releasing all this expensive music. I tried for years, both on an independent label and on my own, to release records the old fashioned way. I've paid in advance for everything and then toured as incessantly as I could, recouping my investment a few albums at a time from sales at shows. This traditional approach works for some, but because I love being married and I wanted to see my boys grow up, it does not work for me (at least til the kids are in college).

I am not asking anyone to commit beyond their means. If all 6,000 of you on this list simply pre-ordered MIXTAPE as a download, CD or vinyl, I'd have more than twice what I need. How many things did you spend $10-30 in the last week? The buzz from those fancy espresso drinks wears off. That tank of gas only takes you so far before you have to fill up again. Music is forever, and I believe in making the kind of records that hold up, that you can grow with and hear differently at various times in your life. How much is that worth to you? Find the reward closest to that number and pledge that amount.

There are a lot of reasons to lose faith in the world. And yet, I believe. I believe in my ability to make music that needs to be made, and I believe in you and your desire to support it. If you're reading this, that much I know is true.


MP3 of the MONTH: I recently went to Nashville for Americanafest, and played a scrappy 11 pm-midnight acoustic set with Zachariah Hickman on upright bass. After we burned through our planned setlist, I threw in a smoky, late night version of Roy Orbison's "Crying" to finish, and it was a real moment. It's available for free for the month of October. Download it now!


THU OCT 12 - Charles River Museum of Industry, Waltham MA - 8 pm
Y'all know I have a "thing" for old factory and mill towns, so I'm really looking forward to this one. I'm sure a Bill Morrissey song or two will appear in the set.

WED OCT 18 - House Concert, Houston TX - 7:30 pm
I'm coming to TX for a couple gigs accompanying Lori McKenna, but I'm arriving a day early to play a special house concert in Houston. I was really devastated to see the effects of the hurricane on the news, and I'm honored to be able to visit, play some songs and maybe give some folks a short respite from the recovery and rebuilding efforts. To make a reservation, email Pete Owens at peteo@PDQ.net or call 713-962-0809.

FRI OCT 27/SAT OCT 28 - Globe Live! at the Paramount Center, Boston MA - 7:30 pm
I'm excited to be a part of this multi-media show that brings the warmth, humor and depth of the reporting at the Boston Globe to the stage, for an evening of storytelling and song. I'm the SONG part.

THU OCT 19 - The Heights, Houston TX** (with Lori McKenna)
FRI OCT 20 - The Kessler, Dallas TX**

NOV 3-4 - Moab Folk Festival, Moab UT
NOV 11 - Deb's Chesham House Concerts, Harrisville NH
DEC 8 - Next Stage, Putney VT
DEC 9 - Unity House Concerts, Springfield MA
DEC 10 - Tamworth Lyceum, Tamworth NH
DEC 14-15 - 14th annual "Under The Covers" at Club Passim, Cambridge MA (3 shows!)


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