Mark Erelli

4.2.10 (Official Bootleg)

cover of 4.2.10 (Official Bootleg)

released 2010

At Passim, Harvard Square's legendary folk club, every show is archived with a soundboard recording. I play there so frequently it is easy to forget the tape is running. I booked a show in April 2010 to celebrate the release of my newest record, Little Vigils, and had been anticipating a big night with the whole band from the recording sessions. As bad luck would have it, everyone had a prior commitment for the date except for producer/bassist/multi-instrumentalist Zack Hickman. So it was just the two of us, covering as much musical ground as we could, and moving as much air as possible.

What transpired was one of those beautiful nights where it all came together and everything just...lifted. Zack played his ass off and was basically my one-man band. Carsie Blanton, the wonderful songwriter who kicked off the night, was a great sport and rocked a cameo on the cowbell. And for once, when I listened back to the recording, I felt like I could still hear the magic.

As 4.2.10 was recorded straight off the Passim soundboard, there are a few sonic blemishes that couldn't be fixed. However, great concerts are not pure perfection, but nights when the integrity and heart of the performance are the only things the audience remembers the next day. Who knows, maybe someday I will pull the trigger and make a high-fidelity, conventional live record. Until then, I hope this official bootleg will suffice.

Mark Erelli - vocals, acoustic & tenor guitars, mandolin, harmonica
Zack Hickman - vocals, upright & electric bass, pump organ, mandolin, high-strung guitar, tamborine, "C'mon!"s
Carsie Blanton - cowbell on "Basement Days"

Recorded April 2nd, 2010 at Passim, Cambridge MA by Matt Smith
Post-production audio by Dan Cardinal, Ample-Fi Recording
Artwork by Mark Erelli

Thanks to Matt Smith, Carsie Blanton & Dan Cardinal

Special thanks to Zachariah Hickman, you're a monster.

updated: 3 years ago